Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Collectors Plant Weekend @ The Niche Nursery

The Niche Nursery is having an Easter sale focussing on plants of interest to serious collectors & enthusiasts.

 I have a very diverse range of plants that appeal to a wide range of growers, many of which will be available for the first time.

The sale will run over 3 days from Saturday 31st March to Monday 2nd April, starting at 9.30 each morning.

The nursery will close on Easter Friday to allow for set-up.

Sales are Cash only; bring your money and avoid ATM fees.

Discount of 15% applies to sales of $200 and over.

Bring boxes or similar for your purchases as bags are limited in number.

Bring a truck or trailer if you are after some of our larger stock such as Ghost Bamboo, Zebra Bananas or trees, up to 4m in height.
For those who know their stuff I will have some plants from my own collection available; don't ask me to point them out, just ask for a price!
Don't forget your Smartphone; there will be lots of plants you will want to Google!


For enquiries phone 041 5313258, especially if you are after something in particular, I may or may not have it.


Now for a few examples of what will be available:-

Hippeastrum aulicum
3yr old divisions of the clone pictured, some with flower spikes, 200mm pots.

$25 each.

24 available.

Divisions of 2 other rare species available; expensive and very limited.


Haemanthus / Scadoxus, South African Crinums, Boophane and related genera.


100 & 140mm pots

$7 to $15


Yellow / Cream clivia seedlings

140 mm pots   $12

Mature Divisions 200mm   $22

Ghost Bamboo (Dendrocalamus minor var. amoenus)

Ground dug 3m tall divisions, 300 to 400mm pots
$80 to $150.
Vriesea species and hybrids, most from renowned breeder Jack Koening of Port Macquarie.

Vriesea altodaserrae
Species from Brazil.

Miscellaneous Bromeliads and Tillandsia.

Tillandsia deppeana $25
 Alcantarea geniculata
Advanced seedlings $20
All types, from common to rare & desirable.

$5 to $????!!!!!
Many large plants in terracotta, rarely available for sale at this size.

Just sold the Sunglow.

Advanced Feature Succulents.

Rhipsalis cactus and relatives, & miscellaneous trailers for baskets.

Over 150 available in 10 varieties.

100mm pots     $8

Nepenthes & other carnivores. 

$35 to $60 each

Caudiciforms & Pachypodiums.

Petopentia natalensis
140mm pots    $25

Fockea edulis

140mm pots    $30

 Pachypodium lamerii

140mm pots    $20

100mm pots    $15

Succulents & Cacti.


140mm pots    $12

Zingiber, Hedychium & Costus
250mm pots    $25

Kaempferia obtusa

Possibly the clone "Raven" 

3 only in 300mm pots    $40

Alocasia Lime Zinger

140mm pots    $8


Amorphophallus konjac

Going dormant for winter
140mm pots    $10

Plenty of Tropicals.


Assorted plants and general nursery lines.

Look forward to seeing you at Easter,



Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Ballarat & Melbourne

I had a week off at the end of September & went for a drive to see my friend Sue & her new house in Ballarat. While there I did a nursery tour of the district; check Google maps for reviews, & picked up some new & unusual stock for propagation & growing on.


Here are a few shots from Ballarat Botanic Gardens:-


The local floral arrangement group held a show to raise funds for charity:-



The Glasshouse & some of its contents:-


Succulents were a surprise growing outside in this climate:-


Have a look below at the Aloe plicatilis growing outdoors on the right: you will see these several times in this post under different conditions:-


The highlight of the trip was a weekend away that allowed us to visit Collectors Corner & Roraima Nursery.


First some shots taken inside Collectors Corner; this place is a mecca for collectors of plants & geological specimens, & a tourist attraction in its own right:-



Crystal mania!!!


Cactus sales bench:-


The cactus core in the background is probably from a saguaro.

I purchased a tray of the smaller plants from the bench pictured above as grow on stock.

These are locally available to retailers as wholesale, but I love the opportunity to hand pick plants rather than get them as a mixed bag sight unseen.


Display garden for arid species:-


 Aloe plicatilis indoors & dry:-




 Agave parryi var. truncata & A. colorata:-



There are plenty of other things to see here, but time was limited and I had to buy stock as well as look around. There's always next time.


Roraima Nursery was on the agenda for Sunday.

This place is filled with unusual plants that appeal to a wide range of growers.


Queensland Bottle Trees:-


Sue with an African Cabbage Tree:-


A potted specimen; these make great container plants:-


Dasylirion growing in an oversized pot:-



Aloe plicatilis outdoors in a huge planter; a section has collapsed due to rot in the trunks' base:-



Path leading into the gardens planted with deciduous pines:-


Part of the growing area:-


Shots of the gardens:-


Sue in the shadow of a Perspex floral sculpture:-


Variegated Beschorneria in flower:-


Mature Boophane from Southern Africa:-


I never really "got" Yuccas until I saw the magnificent specimens here:-



The last photo is of a massive Dioscorea in the sales area, 21 years old from memory. Unfortunately the camera battery was low causing the washed out look:-


I bought a number of new agave species here, along with some more cacti as grow on stock that should be ready around Xmas.


The afternoon concluded with lunch on the pier at Geelong, followed by a pleasant drive back to Ballarat. 

I took off back to Bulli a few days later with a ute load of plants to propagate & grow on, including a tray from Lambley Nursery, who grow mostly cottage garden material. Most will be available around the end of the year or early 2018.

Happy Growing,